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Cloud Computing

We offer internet and intranet based cloud computing solution for our users to use the technology anytime anyplace. Cloud solution will make a normal user and an organization IT life easy. It helps to overcome the challenges when it comes to handle confidential and critical information, minimizing timely hardware upgrade cost and huge electricity consumption. By assessing the current IT environment and its threat, We have accordingly designed customized cloud solution which will fit in to your budget and give you maximum return on your IT investment. We try to minimize the complexity of IT and provide you absolute easy setup which will enhance the overall productivity in very low cost of ownership.

Cloud Computing

Secure Personalize Email and Chat Solution

Network Security Solution

Storage Solution

We in Europa offer best and cost effective mailing and messaging solutions to our clients. In any small or big organization mailing and messaging is the life for day to day operation and communication. We have designed the mailing solution based on the client's requirement, We also support them to migrate from buggy and expensive mailing solutions to a very simple, secure and cost effective mailing solutions. Personalized Email and chat solution allows-auto saving, spam filtering, Virus protection, security guarantee, Web based email access, Email clients support, mailing list, Search the web option and of-course a secure chat. We understand “it is your mail and not our mail”.

The importance of tablet computers is further enhanced by increased usage of the internet. Despite the fact that it can open avenues to a number of useful applications and provide options for information sharing, many of the private networks consist of certain information that should not be shared with outside users on the web, which may sometimes result in application layer attacks, IP spoofing, DNS cache poisoning, password attacks, and man in the middle attacks. Thus in order to offer secure networking we provide end to end security solution for any normal user or corporates so that they could rely on internet for the day to day operation.

As we know storage is the key demand in todays business world, lots of online storage solution are available over the internet. But when it comes to secure our confidential data, we do not want to store it on internet. Meanwhile, saving data on to internet has cost and size limitation along with security issues. To overcome these challenge for SME world we have designed Euro-Storage solution, which will not only allow you to store your data,but also ensure the data is secured from external threats within or outside the organization. Its a very simple yet very secure way of storing your confidential data with you and for you. U.S.A patent awaited.

Mobile Application Services

Schools / Colleges
Management Applications

Tablet Computing Applications

Enable you to operate beyond the boundaries of your traditional environment for mobile business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-employee (B2E) applications. Using powerful, proven methods and best practices, UROTAB develops mobile applications for you quickly, reliably and fully integrated with your systems so they can run and be managed securely. With Mobile Application Services, you can extend your key enterprise information,business processes,education and more, anywhere, any time and through any UROTAB.

Europa TechnoSoft provides Software Services and Solutions to the Schools and Colleges. We bring in the latest technologies to the educational institutions for improving their productivity and help them better utilize their time and resources for the academic activities which is their core focus, by reducing repetitive tasks and management overhead in maintaining Administrative, Managerial and Academic data in traditional forms such as Paper based systems and Excel based System. We are offering this application considering the vital needs of all stakeholders in the school/college system namely principal, administrator, teachers, students, parents, security and others.

We offer you the software applications, designed to work on a Tablet PC, or work well with Pen-based navigation. Some applications are freeware/shareware while others will have costs associated with them. Typically, most applications will have a trial download allowing you to test the application before you decide to purchase. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what is available as a commercial application or in the open source community. Tablet PCs applications specifically optimized to take advantage of tablet PC features.

Pharma Marketing Management System

Sales Automation System

Sugar Industry Management

Europa TechnoSoft offers a comprehensive set of features unique to the needs of the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. This software includes customer intelligence tools to help pharmaceutical system improve and even monetize every customer encounter. It offers lead management, built-in online marketing and complete visibility across sales and marketing in addition to other facets of an effective drug management system, such as drug information, treatment guidelines and pricing information.

Sales are always been an important aspect for any company. Keeping this in mind, we provide you sales force automation services that will help to automate business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance. With our simple sales automation tool, you can be posting and delivering leads in quick time...This will help you to streamline and enhance the operations of your sales team with increased sales force productivity.

As Sugarcane is considered to be a crucial input in sugar industry, we are providing sugar industry solutions to overcome the set of conventional challenges in sugar industry owing to seasonality of production, agrarian linkages, participation of large number of temporary works etc. Our Sugar Industry Solutions cover all of the major processes ranging from Financial Accounting and Budgetary Control to Inventory Management to Cane Process Management to Chemical Lab Management. Growing cane efficiently, considering proper cane management system will have a great financial impact on the profitability of the industry.

Software Security Services

Content Development Services

Document Management Services

In the phase of multiple emerging and evolving security challenges, businesses need to meet highly dynamic regulatory and compliance demands, while ensuring a secure enterprise. Thus we offer you Software security solutions that are designed to enable organizations to achieve end-to-end security in support of business goals. This can help drive innovation and reduce organizational costs, protect against internal and external threats, as well as address operational requirements driven by compliance measures.

Contents provide an essential tool to business enterprises,Content development services are the key services that consolidate all amenities of cyberspace from researching to gathering, compiling, writing and editing information for publication on web portals. As part of our content development service, we work towards producing quality online product, including text, to meet your high standards. We help you in producing quality content that is innovative, interactive, appealing and easier to assimilate with consistent, effective pedagogy.

Managed Document Services from Ricoh enables your employees to get access to the right information at the right time in the right form, no matter where they are.The benefits gained from our scanning services result in increased productivity, performance and profits. Our Clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes.

Training Solution

Corporate Training Solutions

Software Training Solutions

We provide diverse training solution to our clients such as human resource training, corporate training,software training and Sales training solutions. We are committed to provide excellent customer service to help you increase the job productivity and employee satisfaction within your organization by offering you high quality training solution and services.

Today's corporate world operates from a real time world where distances are no longer a matter. To win the race, corporate companies not only need to keep up with technology but, also get their employees ready and fully equipped to take the company ahead of others. Thus we offer training solution to corporates helping them to stay ahead of their competitors and perform the critical task by filling the existing gap of knowledge and actual skills needed to win.

New software, constant updates and changes in technology are regular features in the modern workplace. Employees who can efficiently use their computer ensure that jobs are done well and on time. Some workers may have a difficult time adapting to new features and stick with old programs. Thus, We have developed simple solution for software training that will help employees to eliminate mistakes, promote collaboration with less supervision and last but not the least reduce work stress.

Sales Training

Human Resource Training Solution

For mastering sales success we are offering Sales Training solution for the sales team to increase their revenue by providing right solution to the sales staff. This will help them to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time ensuring no time is wasted in trial and error methods. It will also help employees to improve their soft skills and creative skills to improve the ROI of the organization. Hence the employees need to keep themselves motivated to ensure business value and ethics in the concern.

The human resources or human relations department oversees a number of functions within the organization, including hiring, training, monitoring certain policies and even handling disputes. Keeping this into consideration we provides effective Human Resource Solution to help company employees updated on certain laws, such as safety discrimination and perform their task of selecting, interviewing and hiring new employees in a much better way. Therefore, it is very essential that all human resource.